Spring is for Beginning Again, Right?



I have been blogging since I began seriously sewing.  I was blogging before the days of social media, before blogging was even really cool.  There were phases of radio silence as kids were born, when we moved states and most recently when I took on the role of elementary-aged-child-starting-school-mom and pretty much moved into my son’s school for a while.  But the blog was always there.  It went from sharing my beginning sewing journey and projects to tutorials and magazine projects.  There was a lot.

There was some technical in house techy stuff going on and I wanted to move hosts after 6 years with a certain company.  They housed my first domain name purchase (a birthday gift from my husband) but their rates kept increasing and I knew I could move my domain to a better deal and be just as happy.  I went through all the hoops, got my domain moved, got my previous hosting account closed, clicked the peace out button and somewhere along all of that, the previous decade of blog posts were gone in the blink of an eye.

Thankfully, a follower on Instagram told me of a time machine.  I can rescue quite a few of my past posts from there. I’ll move over some of the tutorials.  As for the rest, I’m going to let Instagram be my record of past work…and there are some way back projects still on Flickr if any of you still are over there.  I’ve been focusing a lot on my memory quilts, and that’s what I’m going to continue to focus on.  When I finish an awesome sewing project, quilt for me or a rocking hand knit, I’ll share it here with you all.  Things are still going to go on business as usual.  Only the backlog will be missing.

As my blog has done since day one, it will grow again and turn into what I need for this phase.  It will all work out.  Plus, it’s kind of fun having a clean slate.  So welcome to the shiny new (but yet the same!) KD-Quilts.com!

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